Webcrawl Wednesdays: Blessed brown envelope edition

So the brown envelope containing the documentation for my upcoming trip to France finally arrived today! I’m super excited… but not so much that I forgot that today is Wednesday! So, without further ado, I present Webcrawl Wednesdays!


In honour of my trip to France, via @brainpicker, here is an excellent map of European stereotypes.

This, right here, is the coolest thing ever, and this man is my hero: The Analogue Blogger of Liberia.

This deserves a post all on its own, but until I have the time and the spoons for said post, here is an excellent piece on how the humanities are considered lesser even, and maybe especially, in the geek community: Geekery and the Humanities

In related news, The Guardian has a depressing, and sadly unsurprising, article on how Hermione Granger’s character in the Harry Potter movies became more “beautiful” and less bad-ass as the series progressed. (H/T Anuja!)

Finally, from the department of fluff: I’m in the mood for something French, and there’s nothing more francais than fashion: 20 Examples of Great Fashion Illustration, via Gala Darling

In defense of Chick Lit

Photo by Graeme Robertson. Image: Four Mills and Boon novels laid out in a fan shape.


I have a confession to make.

I read romance novels. I enjoy reading romance novels.

But confession is a bad choice of words. I’m not ashamed of reading Julia Quinn, Meg Cabot, Cindy Dees, and the rest, indeed, of enjoying them.

But, according to some people, I should be.

According to some people, there are two kinds of literature. One that’s worthy of being read, and one that isn’t. 

And chick lit falls near the top of the latter list. 

If I had a tenner for every person who’s expressed shock that someone like me (read: someone smart) reads chick lit, and romance novels at that, I’d be a rich woman indeed. 


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