Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier



So I finally got the chance to see the Winter Soldier movie.

Before anything else, a disclaimer: I’m not a huge Marvel comics fan. My familiarity comes mostly from the MCU, and from reading (admittedly, some pretty good) fanfiction.

Disclaimer the second: HERE BE SPOILERS. Proceed with caution, y’all.

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Review: J. Edgar

J.Edgar promo poster


So last Sunday I had the chance to see J. Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest biopic. Luckily, my local theatre had a showing of the original version rather than one dubbed in French, so that was the one I saw.

There’s a more detailed review after the jump, but long story short: Watch this movie. You won’t regret it.

Please note that this review contains spoilers, so click with caution.


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movie review: thor



Went to see Thor yesterday, by sheer chance. Swati and I were at DLF Vasant Kunj, and I idly mentioned that it sucked that we weren’t going to be able to see Thor together, since as far as I knew, it was opening sometime next week. Ten seconds later, we passed the DT Star ticket booth, and what did I see but a Now Playing sign for Thor? Needless to say, tickets were bought on the spot. 😀

Spoiler-filled review under the jump.

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