Webcrawl Wednesdays: Happy New Year edition

Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence. Who knew moving to a new country could be so draining? Anyway, here’s this week’s Webcrawl!

From the ever-fabulous Gala Darling: Ten Fantastic Ways To Get Ready for 2012, and More Ways To Get Ready for 2012!

A look back at the 50 Best Moments For Women in 2011.

To my utter dismay, several of the girls in my third-grade class are crazy about Twilight. I wish I could explain to them why Edward and Bella aren’t exactly great role models… or better yet, show them this article:The Bloody, Twisted, Inverted World of Twilight: Violent Vampire Sex, Demon-Babies and Overwhelming Female Desire

A thought-provoking video that’s a must-watch for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation: Heterosexuality in a Homosexual World.

Finally, can anyone please explain to me why on Earth we have so many different kinds of sockets?