Webcrawl Wednesdays: DC are idiots edition

So I was so wrapped up in my irritation with the knuckleheads over at DC comics that I nearly forgot to post this. Not that I’ve remembered the past three weeks. Er, oops? /blush/

Anyway, here we go!

From gaming site The Border House, a very interesting article on how the current depiction of matriarchies in scifi/fantasy actually reinforces pre-existing patriarchal, sexist stereotypes.

In honour of my recent trip to the US, a look at some very cool Disney-inspired eye makeup. (via CollegeFashion)

This is /almost/ enough to make me wish I had stayed with journalism. Almost. Nearly 100 fantastic pieces of journalism, courtesy the Atlantic. (via longreads)

From the DC, You Utter Idiots file… I can’t believe they passed up Dean Trippe’s pitch for Lois Lane: Girl Reporter. Sounds like just the thing to get a whole new generation of girls into comics. I know I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.

And now, to make myself feel better, two utterly frivoulous links: 

15 Stunningly Dumb Warning Labels, via Forbes. After reading this, I’m surprised we as a race have managed to make it this long without collectively Darwinizing ourselves.

15 Ways to Organise Your Cats, by people who have evidently never heard of the phrase ‘like herding cats…’