Webcrawl Wednesdays: Blessed brown envelope edition

So the brown envelope containing the documentation for my upcoming trip to France finally arrived today! I’m super excited… but not so much that I forgot that today is Wednesday! So, without further ado, I present Webcrawl Wednesdays!


In honour of my trip to France, via @brainpicker, here is an excellent map of European stereotypes.

This, right here, is the coolest thing ever, and this man is my hero: The Analogue Blogger of Liberia.

This deserves a post all on its own, but until I have the time and the spoons for said post, here is an excellent piece on how the humanities are considered lesser even, and maybe especially, in the geek community: Geekery and the Humanities

In related news, The Guardian has a depressing, and sadly unsurprising, article on how Hermione Granger’s character in the Harry Potter movies became more “beautiful” and less bad-ass as the series progressed. (H/T Anuja!)

Finally, from the department of fluff: I’m in the mood for something French, and there’s nothing more francais than fashion: 20 Examples of Great Fashion Illustration, via Gala Darling