25 Things!

Twenty-five! The quarter-century club, like one of my friends called it. I’m not one for big parties, but I do love this idea from Sarah over at Yes and Yes– a list of things to do every year, the number of things equal to how old you’re turning! So without further ado, here’s my list of 25 in 25:



1. Watch a CSK match live.


2. Go vegan for a week


3. Wear high heels every day for a week.


4. Watch Sholay


5. Make milk burfis


6. Write a paper letter


7. Go to a Pride parade


8. Read a literary book


9. Have dinner at a FANCY restaurant


10. Find the perfect red


11. Complete a jigsaw puzzle


12. Buy a lottery ticket


13. Go on a heritage walk


14. Sing in public


15. Stay awake 24 hours


16. Touch type 60 wpm


17. Have a movie marathon


18. Eat a brownie from CHOKOLA


19. Write a will


20. Get a full checkup


21. Get rid of 25 things


22. Donate blood


23. Visit a city I’ve never been before


24. Do a tarot reading for someone


25. Read the Silmarillion


 A lot of these are way, way out of my comfort zone (I haven’t sung in public since… 2000?) but I’m excited to try all of them.


Do y’all have any goals for this year? I’d like to hear all about them!