Hi. I’m Poorva, a thirty-something professional woman with an interest in languages, geekery and feminism. I’m also an unabashed girly girl with a penchant for makeup and pretty shoes.


I grew up with Harry Potter, almost literally- I read the first book when I was nine years old, and my teenage years were spent deep in the throes of fandom. Somewhere along the way, though, the magic faded, and I put the books aside. I’ve recently committed to reading them again, and you can see what I make of them now in the Project Potter tag.


I’m a bookworm who will happily spend her entire life in front of the computer, given half a chance. This blog is a way of chronicling my adventures in the real world, and sometimes online.


As for why my blog is called the Displaced Desi, you can read more about that in the intro post. For the moment, it’s great to meet you- pull up a chair, have a cookie, and welcome to the madhouse!

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