Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur


So last week a buddy and I went to see the latest Disney/Pixar kiddie flick, The Good Dinosaur, as a exams-are-done-yay! treat. In retrospect, I wish we’d picked Creed; while a fun enough movie, TGD didn’t really feel like it was worth the ticket price.

Ironically, the best and worst thing about TGD was the pre-show short that always precedes a Pixar movie. This time it was Sanjay’s Super Team, an adorable little animated film about a little boy who imagines his father’s Hindu deities as superheroes. Although I’m not religious myself, or particularly little, I LOVED it. Cuteness aside, this is almost the first time I’ve seen someone who looks like me (dark-skinned, even!) on the big animated screen.

Don’t get me wrong, The Good Dinosaur is a lovely albeit bog-standard Disney movie – a poor man’s Lion King for the CGI age, with a scheming Scar replaced with a feral human child. And, in true Disney style, there’s an adventure to be had, a lesson to be learned, and a happy ending to be enjoyed. All in all, a thoroughly inoffensive romp, with some entertaining side characters (Sam Elliot as tough-talkin’ cattleherdin’ T-Rex Butch is particularly fun.) Wait for the DVD, though.



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