Things I Love Thursday 09.07.2015


Hello my lovelies! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything (blame grad school) but I’m baaaa-ack! Without further ado, here’s a list of things that have been rocking my world this week:

Green smoothies: I may have been corrupted by California, but I LOVE these. They’re good for you, easy to make and/or drink while half asleep, and they even taste fantastic. My favourite: spinach, banana, strawberry+blueberry, blended with soymilk, honey, and a dash of vanilla essence.

Pinterest: Yes, I know. BUT! As a beginning, not-very-confident cook with dietary restrictions (hi, diabetes! Hi, quasi-vegetarianism!) Pinterest has been an absolute godsend. So far I’ve made mini quiches, the aforementioned green smoothies and pesto pizza, and they’ve all turned out great.

Nail polish: I haven’t been taking the time to do my nails recently, but I did last week, and I’m SO happy I did. There’s just something about a pop of colour in your peripheral vision that’s SO fun. On my nails: Go with the Flow-er by OPI for Sephora (I never thought higher-end polishes were worth the money over the drugstore brands, but I was SO wrong) and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat. (Perfectly set polish in >3 minutes. LOVE.)

House pride: I LOVE my Gryffindor Lions t-shirt from Once Upon A Tee, which sells limited edition fannish t-shirts for $12 a pop! Sadly this particular tee is no longer available for sale, but I recommend you keep an eye on them so you don’t miss out on future awesomeness.

Little loves: marianne’s ice cream sandwiches | making birthday plans | rewatching numb3rs | unexpected signs from the universe | getting my feet wet on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world | C25K (even if I walked more than I ran) | staying hydrated with my Wonder Woman water bottle



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