Webcrawl Wednesday

It’s been a busy week, loves, so no funny story this time, just links. 🙂


I was lucky to be taught The Tempest by a fantastic teacher back in high school, but even so, I love this list of Shakespearian sex jokes.


Wonder Woman? Power Man? Super Girl? If ever you’re confused by DC and Marvel’s list of heroes (and heroines) with pretty much the same names, Comics Alliance has a chart that breaks it down for you.


I’m worth 9 goats. What about you?


It’s sad to see how deeply racism is entrenched in American culture. The ice-cream truck, really? 


Guys. Feminists are not your friends


Octopuses (Octopi? Octopodes?) are fascinating. And kind of scary, to be honest.


I love this super-detailed post from The Fresh Exchange on travel planning. Great stuff!


Finally… I love this feature on P. Rajagopal, the (convicted murderer, apparently!) who founded Saravana Bhavan

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