101 Things In 1001 Days!



I’m one of those people who, left to herself, will happily spend her days vegging in front of the computer watching trashy TV and reading braincell-burning trash. So in an effort to actually get out and do stuff, I’ve signed up for 101 Things In 1001 Days.

Say what?

101 Things In 1001 Days means just that- you commit to completing 101 specific tasks in 1001 days- the idea is that a specific time-frame for goals means you’re less likely to procrastinate and actually do shit.

Great! When do you start? 

26 April, 2014. I’m a little late getting this up.

And when does the challenge end?

21 January, 2017… a little more than two and a half years!

Cool! Can I sign up, too?

Sure! All the information you need (and tons of helpful list ideas) is at DayZeroProject.com.

Without further ado… here are my 101 Things!

1. Do 100 consecutive push-ups.

2. Shoot a gun.

3. Attend a UU meeting.

4. Sing kareoke.

5. Bunjee jump.

6. Make pizza from scratch.

7. Win mini_wrimo.

8. Listen to 10 classic albums.

9. Read 50 English books.

10. Read 25 French books.

11. Read 25 Spanish books.

12. Listen to 5 new podcasts.

13. Watch 100 new movies.

14. Go to a sports game.

15. Buy my own domain.

16. Comment on 50 fanfic.

17. Comment on 50 blog posts.

18. Attend a martial arts class.

19. Volunteer.

20. Learn to swim.

21. Fix social media profiles.

22. Go vegan for a week.

23. Scan all old notes from my Master’s programme.

24. TBD.

25. Go to 5 offbeat museums

26. Take a make-up class

27. Get friends to suggest 10 books. Read them.

28. Get friends to suggest 10 movies. Watch them.

29. Visit 10 new cities.

30. Write my will.

31. Prepare my hit-by-bus folder.

32. Go to a farmer’s market.

33. See 10 live shows/performances.

34. Type 80 WPM.

35. Win NaNoWriMo.

36. Participate in a blogging challenge.

37. Get my blood sugar to normal levels.

38. Lose 10 kilos.

39. Learn photo editing software.

40. Do an unplugged weekend.

41. Take a first aid/CPR course.

42. Run a 5K.

43. Cook something from a different country every month for 12 months.

44. Bake 5 things.

45. Go on 30 friend dates.

46. Meet 5 online friends IRL.

47. Attend a TED event.

48. Create a budget.

49. Leave a nice note in a library book.

50. TBD.

51. Go to Coney Island.

52. Do C25K.

53. Do 30 days of yoga.

54. Take an online class.

55. Participate in a board games night.

56. Write a letter to myself.

57. Live in a foreign country for a year.

58. Wear makeup every day for a month.

59. Complete 7 goals in a week.

60. Read a book in a day.

61. Organise/sell/donate books.

62. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy.

63. Make a list of birthdays.

64. Document each of the tasks.

65. Run a 10K.

66. Write 10K words of original fiction.

67. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.

68. No fast food for a month.

69. Go to Disneyland.

70. Come up with 5 new holiday traditions.

71. Keep up a 3.5 GPA.

72. Host a dinner party.

73. Go on a road trip.

74. Send out 25 postcards.

75. Make crepes.

76. Back up files.

77. [redacted]

78. Update Displaced Desi twice a week for 6 months.

79. Finish a colouring book.

80. Put Rs 500/ $5 in savings for every goal met.

81. Read the Bible, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata.

82. Do 10 creative projects.

83. Play through a video game.

84. Finish The Artist’s Way.

85. Take an HTML/CSS class.

86. Celebrate my 10,000th day on this planet [Nov 20, 2015]

87. Watch 3 TV shows that are NOT procedurals.

88. Buy a camera.

89. TBD.

90. TBD.

91. Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night for a month.

92. Sort out my Amazon wishlist

93. [redacted]

94. Donate blood.

95. Try 7 new foods.

96. Buy a lottery ticket.

97. Do 10 tarot readings.

98. TBD.

99. TBD.

100. Make a new list.

101. Buy myself a gift with the money I’ve saved.

Anyone else planning to do 101 in 1001? Let me know in the comments!


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