Things I Love Thursday 01.05.2014




♥ Alone time. I know some people have a thing about going out to eat or watching movies alone, but when a friend unexpectedly cancelled on me last week, I wound up going to see Captain America and grab some crepes by myself, and had a great time!


♥ catching a glimpse of the indelible ink on my finger. Despite my feelings about the field of candidates this year, I’m grateful for the ability to vote- and to live in a country that makes it as easy as possible to do so.


♥ Sitting down and reading a non-trashy, non-political magazine- I decided to treat myself with an issue of Wired just because, and it was great. I definitely need to do more of my non-work reading on paper rather than screen. 


♥ Making lists and planning the details of a BIG EVENT I can’t talk about quite yet (more details as it happens!) My little organisation-loving heart is in seventh heaven.


small pleasures:


pink fountain pens // polo mints // nutella gelato // the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast // silver nail polish // fresh mangoes // gorgeous thank-you note cards from Paper Theatre // cat naps // finding my blogging muse again

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