Webcrawl Wednesday, back from the wastlands edition

Hello, everyone! Long time no blog. Hopefully that’s going to change now. For the moment, have a few links.


With all the brouhaha at DC recently, it’s easy to forget that sometimes, comics can be sublime, beautiful, the perfect expression of what it means to be a hero. Like these gorgeous, minimalist posters by Adam Thompson that combine images of heroes with the inspirational, sometimes profound things they’ve said.


Love these pulp redesigns of the covers of classic novels. Pride and Prejudice is probably my favourite.


We don’t hear near enough stories like this one. Via Aunty Beeb, the Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust.


It’s a little late, but I really like this article on the feminist case for Fashion Week.


One more reason to hate Twilight: Proof that Kristen Stewart is actually a talented actress who got stuck playing a vapid wet noodle

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