Webcrawl Wednesday, movie mania edition

This week seems to be movie week chez Desi… I saw the Hobbit on Saturday (two thumbs up), going to see Les Miserables tomorrow (Anne Hathway AND Hugh Jackman? Gimme!) and the Hunger Games on DVD (in English this time) this weekend. Which means, hopefully, lots of review posts soon. In the meantime, though, have some links!


Something always rubbed me the wrong way about Femen, but it wasn’t until I read this article about the neocolonialism and Islamophobia inherent in their whole ideology that I figured out what it was.


Ereaders/library cards at the ready: The Electric Typewriter has a great list of 100 Great Non-Fiction Books.


Anyone who knows me knows that a) I’m a feminist and b) I’m a Disney fangirl. I love this ranking of Disney princesses from least to most feminist by The Nerve.


I love this article: Memoirs of a Modest Slut (trigger warnings for talk of sexual assault and slut-shaming.)


While on the subject of slut-shaming/women and their bodies, have a look at this great article by Molly Crabapple on her time as a professional naked girl.


And finally, for your weekly dose of cute/awesome/geeky, here are some adorable comic book iPhone cases from Chara-Cases. (I want all of them, every single one. And I don’t even have an iPhone.)








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