Webcrawl Wednesdays: Icebox edition

The temperature in my town has hovered consistently around freezing for the past week. Which means this tropical girl isn’t having a very good time! Still, I managed to thaw my fingers enough to bring you this week’s Webcrawl.

From the department of humans suck, but animals are awesome: Three lions reportedly saved a girl from assault and rape, chasing away her attackers and staying with her until help arrived. I knew The Lion King is my favourite Disney movie for a reason!

Since it’s still January, I’m allowing myself to post one more new-years-resolution related thing, because I think these are pretty great: 20 New Years’ Resolutions for 20-Somethings.

I know next to nothing about American football (including why a game that involves why throwing around a vaguely egg-shaped thing is called FOOTball) but I love this slideshow of female fans with awesome painted faces. Also, go Steelers!

Are you in college/finishing up/recently graduated? Drop whatever you’re doing right now and click over to Mint’s Life After College guide. It’s a great basic guide to getting your life organized after you graduate. Even if this advice doesn’t apply to you any more, you shpuld definitely pass it on to younger friends/relatives and make their lives that much easier. 

As someone who’s struggled with the ‘smart vs pretty’ dichotomy, I cannot say enough good things about The Right Way To Talk To Young Girls About Beauty. Two thumbs up. 

From the Department of Awesome: Disney Princess Superheroes. Note to Disney: You own Marvel, a freaking superhero comics company. Why does this not exist already?


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