Webcrawl Wednesdays: Apartment hunting edition

If there’s one thing more annoying than finding a place to stay, it’s having to do it from the other side of the world. Oh well. You know what they say about wishes being horses…

Anyway. Enough about that. Here’s this week’s Webcrawl Wednesday!

OMG. How much do I love these gorgeous, gorgeous minimalist Marvel posters by Marko Manev over at Behance? Just amazing. /sighs/ My kingdom for the Cap or Thor ones… (via @brainpicker)

In which I reveal how much of a girly girl I really am- a marvelous collection of vintage beauty ads from Life. If you speak French, even better, because half the ads are in French. (But of course!)

LOVING these home library design ideas– fellow bookworms, please take note. Also, I so want my future house to look like that. 

One of my biggest regrets is not taking the HTML class my college offered back in undergrad. This guide to HTML by Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer looks like a promising way to correct that, though! 

Again via @brainpicker, some gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations of Jules Verne’s books. I can’t have been the only one who absolutely devoured the English translations as a kid…





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