Screw you too, DC.

I’ve been a superhero comics fan most of my life. Hell, I was a superhero comics fan before I even knew what those were.

And once I did find out what they were… I devoured them. Full-size direct imports were a) too expensive and b) too hard to find, but I used to collect those little single-issue prints put out by Gotham Comics. And I was a DC girl from the start. Superman, Batman, Justice League. I adored them all. And when the full-size imports did come, I resolved to slowly collect them all.

As I grew older, an uncomfortable realization started to prick at me. Comics weren’t very nice, sometimes. Especially if you were a girl.

But that was okay, because hey, the world wasn’t very nice, sometimes.

So I forgave DC when they put out comics whose women looked like they were soft porn models. In the case of Adam Hughes, literally.

When their female characters continually got short shrift.

When they kept screwing up Wonder Woman.

When they canned not one but several projects targeted towards teen girls.

When they came up with a poorly thought-out ‘reboot’ that included the end of one of comics’ most iconic marriages. (While I’m not the biggest fan of Lois and Clark, but even I will admit that some things are sacred.)

Because hey, at the end of it, comics are for everybody, right? Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Not according to DC. Because according to a statement released by DC themselves, not only are four of their best female characters (Donna, Stephanie, Karen and Cass) being ‘benched’, the ‘new readers’ they’re targeting are 18-34 year old MALES.


That certainly tells me where I stand.

Which is… nowhere.

And I have no interest in giving time or money to a company that doesn’t think I’m worth selling to.

So screw you, DC. Screw you and your bass-ackwards, sexist, completely harebrained editorial policy. Screw your management that thinks that women aren’t worth writing about or selling to. Screw your writers and artists who can’t treat female characters with the respect they deserve. And screw you, Dan Didio, for doing more to doom the comics industry than any one man should rightfully be able to.

As for me? I’m gonna give Marvel a try.

Maybe they’ll be more welcoming of me (and my chequebook) than DC is.



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