Why the Displaced Desi Will Never Buy Reebok Again

First, they created a line of shoes that are allegedly specifically designed to tone a woman’s legs and butt. Because, you know, that’s TOTALLY why women exercise. To look sexy.

Second, the Easytone site itself, which has a disembodied nude woman with only the EasyTones as coverage. Stay classy, y’all.

Third, they greenlighted an ad campaign that is sexist, mysogynistic and dehumanizing, reducing a woman to (an extremely catty) pair of boobs. Who could talk about nothing but how attractive (or not) they were to men.

Fourth, the science behind those supposedly miracle-working shoes? Turned out to be a big pile of horseshit.

I’m not sure whether to be more offended on a feminist, scientific, or decent-human-being level.

(Contrast this with Nike, who, while also being guilty of dehumanization, at least do it in an awesome, pro-body, pro-fitness way. Not to mention the (real) support they give to female athletes…)


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