Intro: Why Displaced Desi?

Although I’ve lived in India all my life, I grew up more American than Indian, hence my using the term Displaced Desi- someone who doesn’t quite belong, either in her country of origin or the culture she grew up with.

But what is Indianness, anyway? Is it listening to Carnatic music and doing Baratnaatyam and wearing flowers in one’s hair, as tradition dictates good South Indian girls do? Is it eschewing pasta and tacos for maa ki haath ke khaana?

Or is it, as generations before me have done, to take what is foreign and adapt it into that which I already am? Not to assimilate, to become another of the voiceless, faceless masses, but to let the world resonate with my own unique harmony?

Join me, the Displaced Desi, as I attempt to find out.


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